Why Artificial Intelligence?

What was once viewed as a far and distant science fiction concept is now becoming a reality. Artificial Intelligence, in one form or another, is already touching our daily lives and the operations of many companies: Apple’s Siri, Facebook’s photo tag suggestion, Google’s autocomplete search box, Tesla’s self driving feature and Yahoo and AP’s self written stories are just some of the many examples.

June 14-15, 2017
8 rue Valois, 75001 Paris, France
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AI is on track to transform the way we operate and will disrupt entire industries and sectors. What will the medical profession of the future look like if machines are responsible for diagnosing? What will the transportation sector look like if we have self-driving cars and trucks?  

The impact of AI, as it becomes mainstream and more powerful, will be much more profound then “uberization”. Business will rely on AI to support and service customers. Employees will rely on AI to perform their work on a daily basis. As these systems take a more central role in the business world, every modern enterprise will need an AI strategy.

By understanding and knowing where AI is headed, executives will know what to worry about, what not, and what to focus on in order to be successful in a new landscape.

Transform.AI is the only Artificial Intelligence conference in Europe designed for business leaders to discuss and make decisions regarding the strategic implications of AI for their organizations. Participants will engage in an intimate environment with leading AI experts, who will share their thoughts and visions, and provide insight to executives as they prepare to compete and operate in the era of Artificial Intelligence.